Referral system

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Invite friends to CASEWAY

When they log in and fund their account using your referral code as a promo code. They receive a 10% bonus on their deposit.

Earn with CASEWAY

Receive 10% of the amount of each deposit by your invited friends using your referral code.

Withdraw earnings

Withdraw your earnings to a bank card, PayPal or as skins on Steam.


All site users can have their own referral promo code. Using this promo code when replenishing, the user receives a bonus according to the level of the referral promo code. The owner of the referral promo code also receives a bonus in the amount of a percentage of the user's top-up amount in accordance with the level of his referral promo code.
The deliberate use of codes issued to specific individuals (bloggers, professional e-sportsmen) and codes created in order to copy prohibited code is strictly prohibited. All bonuses obtained using such a code can be withdrawn.
The data on replenishment from your referrals is updated in real time in your personal account, if for some reason users did not use your promo code when replenishing, funds will not be credited. In all cases, you need to contact the technical support of the site with direct evidence of your innocence.
A user can become a referral to many other users, but he cannot use his promotional code on his own.
You will instantly receive funds to your account after replenishing your account with your referral.
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